High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting 3930 Series
Series 3930 prismatic sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive is a reflective sheeting with a unique construction providing high levels of retroreflectivity for multiple traffic situations. Series 3930 sheeting outperforms its competitors with long-term reflectivity and durability while achieving excellent life cycle costs. Backed by 3M reliability. Exceeds ASTM D 4956 Spec Type III, IV and X.
Benefits Durable - tougher topcoat aids against scuffs and scratches
Vivid daytime colors provide 24 hour performance
Improved optical package increases nighttime visibility
Meets multiple specifications
Suggested Use Permanent traffic signage
Work zone devices and signage
Size Available 12" x 50yds
18" x 50yds
24" x 50yds
48" x 50yds
Color Chart

3930 White

3931 Yellow

3932 Red

3934 Orange

3935 Blue

3937 Green

3939 Brown
Colors may not be a 100% color match of actual material.
Product Bulletin
High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting 3930 Series.pdf