Aurocal Color Vinyl Sticker
Aurocal Plain Series
Model Matte Series Gloss Series Window Film Series Fluorescent Series Transparent Series
Size 126cm X 50m 126cm X 50m 126cm X 50m 100cm X 30m 126cm X 50m

Product Features:

  • Face Film: Opaque, matt & gloss monomeric soft vinyl film (calendared)
  • Thickness: 80 mic (25mil) Aurocal, 180 mic (Fluorescent), 75 mic(Window Film)
  • Adhesive: Permanent clear, polyacrylate dispersion
  • Adhesive Power: ≧ 15 N/25 mm, acc.FINAT/FTM1(24h), ssv (Aurocal), 16 N/25 mm (Fluorescent)
  • Tensile strength: Along: min 13 MPa, Across: min 13 MPa (Fluorescent)
  • Elongation at break: Along min 100%, Across: min 100% (Fluorescent)
  • Application temperature: Min. +8℃ (Fluorescent)
  • Release Liner: 137 gsm silicone kraft paper with grey-squared print for easy processing.
  • Application: ≧ 10℃ (Fluorescent)
  • Temperature Resistance:Adhered to aluminium, -40℃ to +80℃, no variation (Aurocal)
    Adhered to aluminium, -40℃ to +105℃, no variation (Fluorescent)
  • Seawater resistance: Adhered to aluminium, after 100h/23℃, no variation (Fluorescent)
  • Shelf Life: 2 years (In original packaging at 22℃ and 50% relative humidity)
  • Outdoor Durability For Aurocal 351 Colour:
    Under vertical outdoor exposure, normal climate of CE
    Black & White: 4 years (outdoor)
    Coloured: 3 years (outdoor)
    Metallics: 2 years (outdoor)
    All colours: Unlimited (indoor)
  • Outdoor Durability For Fluorescent 351:
    Under vertical outdoor exposure, normal climate of CE
    All colours: 1 years (not printed)
    Fluorescent yellow: 2 years (unprinted)
  • Suitable Substrates: Flat and smooth surfaces
    Substrates like (painted) steel, glass, acrylic, aluminium, pvc foam
  • Applications: Short to medium term signage solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Effective and decorative lettering, signage and markings on several surfaces Product identification. Corporate Design, promotional displays, point-of-sale material Fascias, logos, exhibition stand graphics
  • Special Features: Good opacity. Excellent cutting performance on different plotters (computerized sign making equipment). Excellent price-performance ratio (value for money)
Aurocal Ink Jet Series
Model Matte White Gloss White Transparent
Size 105cm X 50m
126cm X 50m
152cm X 50m
105cm X 50m
126cm X 50m
152cm X 50m
105cm X 50m
126cm X 50m
152cm X 50m
Color Chart

Colors may not be a 100% color match of actual material.