Shil is one of the leading manufactures of the coated and processed papers, films and fabrics. As one of the partner in Asia, we distribute a wide range of Sihl inkjet and eco-solvent media for all type of printers.
Inkjet Materials

Gloss Photo Paper

J299 IJ Maranello Glossy Photo Paper (195mic) 36" x 30m
42" x 30m
50" x 30m

Coated Paper

J227 Superior Coated Paper 4 Dye & Pigment Ink (150gm) 36" x 30m
50" x 30m

PP Inkjet Media

J39 Water Resistant Synthetic Outdoor Film (240mic) 36" x 30m
50" x 30m

Artist Canvas

J46M IJ Universal Water Resistant Matt Canvas (340gm) 36" x 12m
32" x 12m
50" x 12m
J47S IJ Instant Dry Satin Canvas WR (350gm) 36" x 12m
32" x 12m
50" x 12m

Backlit Film

J62 Water Resistant Backlit Film (145mic) 36" x 12m
36" x 30m
42" x 20m
50" x 20m
60" x 20m
J63 Water Resistant Backlit Film (220mic) - Front Print 50" x 20m
Solvent Material

Artist Canvas

J41S IJ-S Picasso Satin Canvas Solvent (340mic) 1.067m x 15m
1.37m x 15m

PP Film

J39S IJ-S Syntisol Semi-Gloss PP Film (170mic) 36" x30m
54" x 30m

Backlit Film

J62S IJ Optilux Matt Backlit for Solvent (125mic) 50" x 30m
60" x 30m
J63S IJ Optilux Backlit Film for Solvent (200mic) 50" x 20m
54" x 20m