3M Reflective Sheeting: Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting 4000 Series

Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting 4000 Series


Series 4000 DG is a state-of-the-art, full cube prismatic reflective sheeting that delivers optimal performance at all sight distances. Its optical elements return almost 60 percent of available light to drivers—nearly double that of other prismatic sheetings. DG³ sheeting is a proposed ASTM Type XI and is designed as a replacement for all types of reflective sign sheetings in use today.

DG sheeting has pressure sensitive adhesive and may be applied by hand squeeze roll applicator or mechanical squeeze roll applicator. Screen process with 3M™ Process Color Series 880I or Series 880-00.

Colors may not be a 100% match of actual material.


  • Overcomes declining illumination from newer headlights
  • Provides level of luminance needed by older drivers
  • Accommodates drivers of large vehicles

Suggested Use

  • Short, medium and long sight distances
  • Disadvantaged sign placement locations such as overhead or left shoulder

Size Available

12" x 50yds

18" x 50yds

24" x 50yds

48" x 50yds

Product Bulletin

3M Reflective Sheeting 4000 Series.pdf

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