Pop Up Systems: JR-61: Self-Locking Pop-Up Curve

JR-61: Self-Locking Pop-Up Curve


3 x 3 system
– 18 magnetic bars
– 5 Hangers (top)
– 5 PVC sheets
– 5 Kickers
– 1 roll magnetic strip
– 1 set of lighting
– 1 pvc casing

3 x 3 curved system
** All prices are subjected to changes. Please call Golden Cycle Marketing at 62913939 for confirmation.

Panel dimensions (W x D):
(i) Front Panels – 747 x 2280mm
(Please bleed 1mm on each side to 749mm)

(ii) Encade – 381 x 2280mm
(Please bleed 1mm on each side to 383mm)

(iii) Convex – 825 x 2280mm
(Please bleed 1mm on each side to 827mm)

Floor space required: 2503 x 522mm (W x D)

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