Safety Grade #9000 Series


The Safety Grade #9000 series is enclosed reflective sheeting that contains high refractive index micro glass beads in a highly transparent resin, offering excellent workability and value for your budget.

This product results in excellent nighttime signage visibility of outdoor safely items, construction signs, stickers, etc. A variety of different finishes can be achieved by layering different colored reflective sheeting or combining with printed or transparent colored film. The back surface is treated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it easy to apply to aluminum substrate, etc.

Size:  Width 610mm (24 Inches)/1220mm (48 Inches)

Length 45.7M (50 Yards)

Country: Japan

Colors may not be a 100% match of actual material.

Suggested Use

  • Automobiles, billboards, safety applications, construction materials

Size Available

24" x 50yds

48" x 50yds

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